Coaching is a terrific means of focusing on the areas in your life where you wish to improve or make
changes - in how you parent, in your family relationships, in your friendship and love relationships, in your
career, or in how you perceive yourself in the world.  O
ur purpose is to assist you in gaining clarity,
discovering your gifts, and living the life you desire.  Maggie is a certified coach through Your Infinite Life
Training and Coaching Company, and she loves the effectiveness of coaching as a
means for change and as
resource for meaningful tools for life.

Coaching sessions are done over the telephone, allowing you to schedule sessions at your convenience
wherever you are.  

Please call 954-483-8021 or
e-mail Maggie for more information and to schedule your session

Welcome to the beginning of your exciting journey!  

What clients are saying about coaching with Maggie

My husband and I love working with Maggie! She is both empathetic and empowering, and she gave us the
tools and perspective we needed to get back on track. But, by far the greatest gift she gave us was a sense
of renewed faith in our family. Thank you, Maggie!  CR, Atlanta, GA

Parenting a teenager who is experiencing challenges within the family is challenging, yet working with
Maggie afforded me some air to breathe!  Maggie is knowledgeable, respectful to all sides of the conflict,
and provides support with concrete actions to implement.

In a straight forward approach Maggie enlightened me into recognizing how personal beliefs may hinder the
understanding of what the child experiences, as well as misunderstanding the motives behind the child’s
mistaken behavior.   Maggie approached my teenager’s actions and behavior with sensitivity and respect,
while reminding me to nourish and take care of myself.
My family reached out to Maggie during challenging times, and we were met with genuine care, sympathy,
and effective suggestions for intervention. If the need arise in the future, I will not hesitate reaching out to
Maggie!  ZD, South FL


Working with Maggie and her team was a soul-saving and life-transforming experience for me. If you're
open to looking within for answers to life's challenges, then her approach will help you walk through the
door and find what you're seeking. She has a loving yet declarative way of helping you advance. In
retrospect, I see that her advice is so simple. Yet that's the point: modern life has a way of leading us away
from the simple, important things that really matter. Such as treating yourself with dignity. Highly
recommended.  CP, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Maggie has a unique way of listening to my issues and helping me get to the core so effectively, I feel that
those issues that once plagued me are no longer part of my daily life. I have new skills, new tools in my
toolbox, and I know that everything I have learned and continue to practice is working - my relationships
are blossoming and growing in ways I never thought possible. The real life proof is evident and I have
Maggie to thank!  S.D., Coral Springs, FL


I believe that Maggie has such a great gift to offer families with her life coaching. She has put my husband
and I more at ease in dealing with some behavioral issues within our family. She has given us effective tools
to use to better handle situations. It is evident that she has gained a lot of wisdom from years of experience
and her caring heart and keen ear are always present. I would highly recommend Maggie's service for
families; she has been a blessing to ours.  D.J., Weston, FL


How do I put into words how Maggie has supported me and my family on our magnificent journeys? It is
no understatement to say that Maggie lovingly guided me to connect to both my greatest despair and my
greatest magnificence. Today I am filled with presence, grace, gratitude and hope.

That old saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" holds true - there were times when
Maggie skillfully and lovingly challenged the boundaries of my readiness on any given day; shortly later,
upon reflection or through lived experiences, Maggie's teachings felt like truisms and those spots were
precisely  where my real growth began.

Eternally grateful for Maggie's warmth and guidance! N.P., Weston, FL
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