Parenting Week by Week: A Year of Weekly Guidance and Inspiration
The recipient of The Best You Can Be Foundation's parenting product award in 2009, this book will follow you through
the year from the holidays to school and all that happens in between.  The Best You can Be Foundation says
"Parenting Week by Week offers parents a wealth of resources to create a peaceful and connected family.  Maggie has
a profound ability to not only give practical strategies to effectively raise children, but her level of compassion taps into
the heart of today's parents.  Her writing is so authentic and engaging because she walks her talk.  As a parenting
educator and mother she knows the joys and the struggles that every parent experiences."  Only $9.99
20 Steps to a Summer that Rocks
This book is totally about summer -- creating one that is incredibly memorable and connecting.  It is filled with ideas,
tips and twenty steps to experience a summer that your family will always remember.  Only $9.99
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