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Parents today face many challenges in raising children.  This is the first generation of parents to handle
the issues of cell phones, portable media players, and computers as well as those of children's exposure
to television, bullying, substance abuse and violence.  Whether or not you juggle dual careers, parent
singly or have a spouse who travels for work, the challenges are real.  Parents desire the tools to resolve
conflicts peacefully and to effectively handle the fighting, tantrums, power struggles and whining.  
Parents desire to raise respectful, self-reliant and compassionate children.  Teachers desire cooperative
classrooms.  Business and civic leaders desire the synergy of supportive teams where people enjoy
participating.  We teach the skills to achieve these "safe places to land" for families and communities.

From The Joy of Parenting Course
and the Redirecting Children's Behavior Course (RCB) to private
coaching to workshops for parents, teachers, and organizations, Whole Hearted Parenting is your
resource for building cooperation and connection.  We teach peaceful, effective alternatives to yelling
and punishing; practical, positive skills to create unity; and conscious practices to embrace your life.
Peace at home.

Cooperation in the classroom.

Team at work.

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