Testimonial 5

“When my daughter started having issues in middle school the first person I thought of was Maggie. After each phone session my daughter was “back to herself again” .. upbeat, engaging and talkative. When I would ask her how the call went she always referred to Maggie as easy to talk to, understanding , gave good advise, and was not only easy to listen to because of her soothing voice but also a good listener. I think she threw that last one in as a little jab to me ... lol... Regardless, Maggie has been instrumental in giving my daughter an outlet and a broader perspective which has helped in giving her a more positive perspective which has helped my family considerably. We’re grateful and would easily recommend Maggie’s services.”

- BJ, South Florida 

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Testimonial 4

"Parenting a teenager who is experiencing challenges within the family is challenging, yet working with Maggie afforded me some air to breathe!  Maggie is knowledgeable, respectful to all sides of the conflict, and provides support with concrete actions to implement.

In a straight forward approach Maggie enlightened me into recognizing how personal beliefs may hinder the understanding of what the child experiences, as well as misunderstanding the motives behind the child’s mistaken behavior.   Maggie approached my teenager’s actions and behavior with sensitivity and respect, while reminding me to nourish and take care of myself.

My family reached out to Maggie during challenging times, and we were met with genuine care, sympathy, and effective suggestions for intervention. If the need arise in the future, I will not hesitate reaching out to Maggie!" 

-ZD, South FL

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Testimonial 3

“Working with Maggie and her team was a soul-saving and life-transforming experience for me. If you’re open to looking within for answers to life’s challenges, then her approach will help you walk through the door and find what you’re seeking. She has a loving yet declarative way of helping you advance. In retrospect, I see that her advice is so simple. Yet that's the point: modern life has a way of leading us away from the simple, important things that really matter. Such as treating yourself with dignity. Highly recommended. 

-CP, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Testimonial 1

"Thank you for offering the Gourmet Lunch ‘n Learn series. Parenting is hard work and I feel we can all use a little help. Your lunch series has great topics and you always provide an environment where you can share experiences; and you always give great suggestions to try. I always leave the lunch with a skill to work on.  I look forward to this time; it’s an investment in me for my family.  You are truly a gift. Thank you."

-Christine Lambert, Weston, FL

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