Are you a parent looking for new ways to handle your child’s melt downs, teen anxiety, power struggles, or your own frustration? Would you like to end the self-judgement and the discomfort over others judging you as a parent? Would you like your home life to be more peaceful and cooperative?

Consider The Joy of Parenting Course

There is great confidence to be gained in the company of like-minded parents. I am a certified instructor of The Joy of Parenting, a cutting edge parenting course for those seeking to raise their children in a more conscious way. Look for a course locally in Santa Fe or contact me to bring the course to your area. If you would like to focus immediately on the challenges you may have in your family, consider coaching.

Are you a parent or a parent-to-be who has questions about adoption?

Consider The Whole Hearted Adoption Course

Adoption has been an intimate part of my life, and this full-day workshop is geared to explore beliefs and myths about adoption, parenthood, and family building. In Whole Hearted Adoption, you gain skills for and a deeper understanding of attachment and bonding, the language around adoption, discussing adoption with your children at each developmental stage, and your adoption focus. The course benefits parents, birth parents, grandparents, professionals in the adoption field, and family members over the age of 15. We also offer pre- and post-placement adoption seminars for parents in the process of adopting. I invite adoption agencies to consider these informative seminars for their adopting parents. Please contact me to learn more. If you would like to discuss issues around adoption privately, please contact me or consider coaching.

Are you part of a parent organization wanting a presentation for your members?

Consider Whole Hearted Seminars for Parents

Our fun, informative, and engaging one- to two-hour workshops are terrific for schools, home schooling groups, parent organizations, neighborhood groups, and any gathering of parents. From parenting as a team to handling power struggles, aggression, and bullying, your group will walk away with solid, practical, and time-proven skills. Contact me to talk about what topics work for you. Check out our topics here.

Are you searching for inspiration and rich content for your teachers?

Consider Whole Hearted Development Training for Educators

In our two-, four- and eight-hour workshops, teachers gain flexible, creative tools to build cooperation, handle conflict as an opportunity for growth, and develop a self-regulating classroom where children feel safe and heard. We cover new and effective ways to end bullying, to build trust and a unified classroom community, to handle emotions in the classroom, and to regain the joy of teaching. We can also customize a training specifically to meet your needs. Contact me to talk about what would benefit your program and your teachers. Check here for existing programs.

Are you the owner of a camp program searching for staff training to ensure the best experience for your team and campers?

Consider Whole Hearted Camp Staff Training

Your camp staff may be coming together for the first time. They will soon be leading a group of children excited – and maybe a little anxious – about their upcoming experience. Our Camp Staff Training will assist in creating a connected team before your staff even meets your campers, and they will gain the tools to create team with the children attending camp. Through this experiential workshop, your camp staff will be prepared to handle uncomfortable or challenging situations with a focus on positive resolution, camper self-reliance, and win-win negotiation. Contact me to talk about training your staff!

Would you like a harmonious team at work with employees who encourage and trust one another?

Consider Whole Hearted Workshops for Organizations

Our workshops include topics such as How to Deliver the Message without Being the Bad Guy, Powerful Communication for Sensitive Talks, and Creating and Inspiring Team. These two- and three-hour programs are fun, experiential, and inspiring. Studies have also shown that employees are happier and more productive when things at home are harmonious. Consider bringing The Joy of Parenting to your company! Contact me to talk about how we can best serve you!